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Ashes of famed orca Tokitae returned to Lummi Nation for private ceremony

Tribe will spread remains in a sacred spot; Friday's public ceremony canceled

An orca next to its trainer during a performance.
In this March 9, 1995 file photo, trainer Marcia Hinton pets Lolita, AKA Tokitae, a captive orca whale, during a performance at the Miami Seaquarium in Miami. U.S. Rep. Suzan Delbene has called for the whale, being studied for transfer back to its Salish Sea home waters from which it was captured in 1970, to be temporarily moved to an alternate location to avoid injuries during the coming hurricane season. (Photo courtesy of Nuri Vallbona/Miami Herald)
By Julia Lerner Staff Reporter
The Lummi Nation will celebrate the life of Tokitae, the Southern Resident orca that died in August,

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