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Send to Rules:

  • Maximum 250 words
  • Must have a point and make it clearly
  • No personal attacks or the usual other “no’s” that separate thoughtful letter writers from uncivilized society
  • Include your name and city
  • Include your phone number so we can verify that you wrote the letter
  • Letters due by 10 a.m. Tuesday to appear online Wednesday and in print Friday.

We reserve the right to edit your letter for clarity and/or length, and in keeping with our mission, we will not publish a letter that makes assertions that are libelous or demonstrably false.

All published letters appear on our Letters page. Letters published in print are on page A5 of CDN’s weekly paper.

Guest Commentaries

Send to Rules:

  • 500–800 words
  • Must have a point and make it clearly
  • Must possess the sort of research to make your opinion an informed one
  • Include your name
  • Include your phone number in case we need to contact you

Commentaries should be authored preferably by an actual local person, not some national organization looking for a way to spread its message, raise money, or collect signatures. CDN will require first-publication rights; we’re not interested in work that’s been published elsewhere, including on social media pages. Make it original!

Published guest commentaries appear on our Columns page and may appear in print.