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The Hammer, Vol. LXIII

Watching the river of campaign finance money change course

By Ron Judd Executive Editor

Hey, Wait: Is it too late to change the candidacy in the Alter Ego’s column this week to governor instead of mayor? Sounds like the pay is better, and it does come with the warm semi-permanent network TV seat, so … 

Ahem But Seriously: The Hammer has all sorts of reactions to the big news that Gov. Jay Inslee, D-MSNBC, will not run for what might feel like a 24th term. The most honest one: OK! Thanks for letting us know, and allowing us to stand back and watch the hounds of campaign finance get unleashed anew in new directions. Where does the ever-renewable “green” money now flow? 

Speaking of the Guv: No surprise that first out of the box to fill Inslee’s shoes was state Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who marked the occasion by calling a news conference to announce that he was forming an alliance with AGs from other like-minded states to sue his own campaign for fraud.

More Locally: Spicy development hereabouts, with Whatcom County Council member Barry Buchanan announcing a run against County Executive Satpal Sidhu — two local pols who occupy ample space in the same lanes. Will gloves come off over certain pet issues? Will Sidhu keep right except to pass? Will Buchanan attempt to go around on the shoulder? We shall see.

Question of the Week: Is it safe to return to the Skagit Valley yet? That’s what we feared. 

Dog Gone This: Turns out that a leading cause of finger/shoulder/head injuries requiring emergency treatment is people aged 40 to 60 who wrap leashes around their hands or arms and walk dogs with lunging tendencies, The Washington Post reports. This according to the Can You Believe Someone Actually Funded This Study Institute at Johns Hopkins University. 

One More Woof on That: Just wait until word leaks out from the physical therapists at U-Dub Medical Center about the lower-back horrors of protracted poop-and-scoop.

Meanwhile, in the Shadow of The Minions: Great to see the Brews Day Fest return after the obligatory public-event hiatus, benefiting the Max Higbee Center and beating all odds with sunny weather.

The Hammer swings on Wednesdays and reverberates online on Thursdays.

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