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The Hammer, Vol. L

Preparations well underway for Burrito Season!

By Ron Judd Executive Editor

It Sezhere That: Chipotle (motto: That Salmonella Thing – Yesterday’s News!) plans to hire 15,000 additional workers to meet demand in March, April and May, which the restaurant chain has established as “Burrito Season.”

The Mind Reels at This: And it leaves B. Hammer with a long list of pressing questions, chief among them: Is there a bag limit for hunters during Burrito Season, or is it all you can eat?

Seriously, Though: Chipotle says “Burrito Season” is the big sales time because better weather and more daylight bring more people through its doors.

No, Really: That is actually what they say. We’ll leave it to your judgment. 

Speaking of Saucy: Quite the little thing going between the South Hill Neighborhood Association and the Port of Bellingham over late-night noise from the big scrap-loadin’ operation down at the port pier. Why do we have a foreboding sense that the scrap heap might wind up there indefinitely, under a Temporary Restraining Order, until it rain-morphs into a steel glob like the one in the bay down in front of the Chrysalis Inn and Spa?

Precedent May Prevail: It probably wouldn’t be such a bad thing if we just go with the established civic theme and slap a sign on said pile, proclaiming it to be a hip art installation: Bellingham’s (Iconic) Waterfront Scrap Heap. Kind of works both ways. 

Big Hammer Huzzah: To the folks out at Nugent’s Corner, running the Helping Hands Thrift Store, and to our intern Jenelle Baumbach for bringing it home to readers. Nothing better than making something out of almost nothing. 

Uh, Wow: We have it on good authority that local politicos have made a formal request for Western’s Board of Trustees to take up the plea made on these pages by the Hammer’s alter ego to correct the historical record at the local university about the legacy of foundational figure Charles H. Fisher. We’re staying tuned. 

And Finally: At a forum on local news this past Saturday, an employee of a hedge-fund local media outlet, responding to an attendee’s question, opined that letters to the editor, in traditional newspaper style, are a thing of the past, too difficult to verify, and generally rife with misinformation. In other words, not worth the trouble. Au contraire; please see here.

The Hammer is swung on Wednesdays or when things start to rust up, and published online Thursdays. 

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