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Day Trip Diaries

Day Trip Diaries is a travel series profiling communities within two hours’ travel of Bellingham. Do you have a suggestion for where to cover next? Send tips to

Written and photographed by Cocoa Laney

An employee at Breadfarm in Edison holds a Parisian baguette from the drivethru window.

Introducing Day Trip Diaries: Bow-Edison

Artists, entrepreneurs and farm-to-table food in vibrant community of creatives

Part one: Bow-Edison
Distance from Bellingham: 30 minutes (22 miles)
Population: 357 (Bow), 316 (Edison)
Notable: Farm-to-table restaurants, thriving arts scene

Day Trip Diaries: Coupeville

Exploring history and culture in Washington's second oldest town

Part two: Coupeville
Distance from Bellingham: 1 hour and 15 minutes (63 miles)
Population: 1,903
Notable: Rich history and culture, scenic waterfront, local businesses, growing arts scene

Day trip diaries: White Rock, B.C.

Canadian beach town offers scenic vistas, warm waters and friendly locals

Part three: White Rock
Distance from Bellingham:40 minutes (plus border crossing time)
Population: 21,939
Notable: Lively waterfront promenade and pier, warm water, diverse food scene, antique and thrift stores