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Anthony Andrew Vujovich

February 18, 1931 - April 2, 2024
Bellingham, Washington

Funeral Home: Tahoma National Cemetery

Address: 18600 SE 240th Street, Kent, Washington

Hearing a distant trill, Anthony Andrew Vujovich jumped out of bed, laced up his combat boots and raced out of the barrack door to present himself for his final reveille at the age of 93. Tony, A.K.A. Woody Woodpecker, nicknamed after his favorite cartoon character, was born to Margaret and Andrew Vujovich to join the Slavic community residing on the ““South-side”” of Bellingham. Tony’s formative years were spent on 12th and Gambier, overlooking Bellingham Bay. He attended Lowell, Fairhaven and graduated from BHS in 1949 where he lettered in football, was on the stage crew, and an active member of the Key Club.

Legendary are the pranks and antics of Tony, Anton, and the gang that flooded the memory banks of survivors that participated in them. Summers would find him at Easton Beach, across the tracks from the city dump practicing the breaststroke to clear the water of the debris that floated on top.

Following in the footsteps of the Slavic community, Tony and his uncle Moly would purse seine from Point Roberts to Lummi rocks. They became so proficient at their tasks that unfortunately there is a scarcity of salmon today.

Drafted into the Army, Tony became a career soldier, where he was stationed in Germany. While on a visit to Brussels’ World Fair he met Irma, the love of his life, forming a bond of companionship and devotion until her death. From the Amalfi Coast to Switzerland and all of Europe, his army career was not all sightseeing. Distinguishing himself in serving his country, Tony participated in the Korean conflict and two assignments in Vietnam, leading to commendations and citations for outstanding service.

Upon retiring, he hung up his union suit for good. Tony and Irma built a European Chalet overlooking Pacific America Fisheries and settled into retirement, basking in their devotion to one another.

He despised dehydrated potatoes and loved a slab of meat loaf at the Old Town Café. You were aware of the distinction of his preference, and his mind would not falter. A word from the dictionary would be “stubborn”, to describe Tony.

Tony will be remembered as kind, gentle, outgoing, with a zest for life and being concerned more about others than himself. And of course, first and foremost…those bushy eyebrows! In his memory, smile at a stranger or take someone you love to lunch.

Tony and Irma will be reunited at Tahoma National Cemetery.

Tony was preceded in death by his parents, wife, uncles and aunts and many cousins here and in Montenegro. He is survived by his sister Lorriane, brother Mac, niece Helga and numerous nieces and nephews.

Memorial T.B.A.

Rest in Peace dear brother.

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