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Ski to Sea makes history at Whatcom Museum

New exhibit explores relay race's inspiration

Todd Warger and Archivist Jeff Jewell leaning against the wooden desk showcasing propped up vintage photos of Whatcom.
Todd Warger, left, and Whatcom Museum Photo Archivist Jeff Jewell stand next to photos from the first races of the Mount Baker Marathon at the museum's photo archives on April 21 in Bellingham. Warger directed "The Mountain Runners" docudrama about the Mount Baker Marathon. The two are working on a Whatcom Museum exhibit covering the marathon and Ski to Sea in advance of this year's race. The photo at left is a train wreck, and the other is a crevasse rescue of a runner in the third race. (Andy Bronson/Cascadia Daily News)
By Amy Kepferle Staff Reporter
It’s been half a century since the inaugural Ski to Sea saw blue jeans-clad athletes making th

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