The Hammer

The Hammer, Vol. XXXI

Not in boondoggle land yet, but you can see it from here
August 17, 2022 at 5:00 a.m.

Executive Editor

Overheard in Newsroom: Early this week: “When can we call this a boondoggle again?”

Appropriate Response: “Patience, people. Patience.”

OK, Maybe Now: Bellingham's Post Point poop plant project has already leap-bounded into that territory, with at least one City Council member Monday uttering the “B” word (the other one, as in “billion”) to describe the possible total cost. Welcome to the home of the $500 monthly flush tab!

Speaking of That: A potential missed opportunity here for multi-tasking. With a bit of interagency cooperation, there’s no legit reason our fair seaside city can’t have a new combined multi-level, billion-buck poop plant/boutique, upper-upper crust waterfront hotel. No supplemental heat source necessary!

Suggested Name for Post Point Poop Plant Hotel’s Upper-Upper-Crust Rooftop Bar: The Waft.

Tip of the Cap: To the Bellingham Bells for a great, highly entertaining season and near-championship run in the West Coast League. Great family entertainment.

Speaking of Ringing: The Hammer is up for starting a north/south hated rivalry with the six-time-consecutive (!) WCL champion, Corvallis Knights, next season, beginning with a neighborly who-the-heck-wants-to-live-in-Corvallis column in the spring. The Hammer might even invite reciprocity from the local paper, the Corvallis Gazette-Times. But shoot, why not start now?

Not That That Will Be Easy: Corvallis is, after all, the westernmost city in the contiguous 48 states with a population larger than 50,000, which surely matters to someone, somewhere. And it does have a minor university with a football stadium named after a salsa product, neither of which we can touch, even if the mood should arise.

Not Only That, But: According to Wikipedia, major features of Corvallis include this tidbit: “During the midwinter months after extended periods of rain, thick, persistent fogs can form, sometimes lasting the entire day.” 

And to Top it Off: Corvallis business types a while back launched an innovative marketing campaign, “Yes Corvallis!” later replaced by the more-fitting “Meh Corvallis!”

On the Other Hand: We shouldn’t kid Corvallis, whose notable-people list includes both writer Jon Krakauer and Ernest H. Wiegand, developer of the modern method of manufacture of the maraschino cherry. The Hammer will drink to that.

Nice to See: A lot of CDN readers at the NWW Fair, still ropin’ and ridin’ away through Saturday. Newsroom and business staff have appreciated many words of support.

And Finally: Brace thyselves. The Northwest might be in for its third consecutive La Nina (colder than “normal”) winter, say state climatologists, who also issue the usual critical qualifier: Or perhaps not.

The Hammer is swung on Wednesdays and updated as needed. 

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