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Gallery: Bellingham Bike Night

Every now and then, there’s a Thursday evening when drivers in downtown Bellingham experience slow-moving traffic. Hoots and hollers and the occasional yell of “bike night!” can be heard from the sidewalks of State, Holly, North Forest, and Commercial streets.

The first Thursday of every month means Bellingham Bike Night for many local cyclists. What started in the summer of 2021 as a group of friends has garnered a cult following. Around 50 riders, sometimes more, come out to take over a few downtown streets, circle around the State Street roundabout and play a few games.

Rider Dario DiGiulio said the group’s message is to increase biker visibility awareness and to “fill the streets for an hour once a month to take back some space.”

Despite the occasional upset driver spouting an expletive to the cyclists, most are stoked to see the big group and honk to vocalize their excitement.