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Christine and Gordon Anderson: Owners of Anderson Glass & Gifts 

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Gordon and Christine Anderson, owners of Anderson Glass & Gifts, at their kiosk Wednesday, May 1 at Bellis Fair mall. (Eli Voorhies/Cascadia Daily News)
By Charlotte Alden General Assignment/Enterprise Reporter

Christine and Gordon Anderson

Age: 69

City: La Conner

Lived here for: 30 years

Originally from: Hacienda Heights, California

Notable: Lampworkers and owners of Anderson Glass & Gifts, currently located at a kiosk in Bellis Fair mall.

What is lampworking?

Gordon: It’s taking a glass rod and manipulating it and shaping it into birds, dolphins, whatever you can figure out you want to make ... It stemmed from part of [Christine’s] family. Her family were lamp workers; [her father] was at the Seattle World’s Fair in 1962.  

So, Christine, you grew up around lampworking?

Christine: It was something my dad did. It was no big deal for me, but when Gordon and I got married after getting out of high school, he was interested in it. He would occasionally go and watch my dad work. Then he bought a torch and glass and started working, making swans, and little Snoopies at the time and little glass items … so after 50 years, he’s gotten pretty good at it. 

Gordon: A little better. 

Do you do lampworking as well, Christine?

Christine: I do just hummingbirds, and paint and sell and package, all that other stuff … I didn’t have an interest in it when we first got married. We were raising four kids … and then once the kids got a little older, I started playing around with it.

You’ve been doing this since 1974. What has your business looked like over the years?

Christine: [Gordon] used to go on the road to festivals and fairs, and then we started going into the malls during the Christmas seasons and Mother’s Day. Now we do pretty much the same thing, but in the summer months we go to fairs. 

Gordon: Boise, Spokane and Yakima. Those are the three venues we do. 

How long have you been at Bellis Fair?

Gordon: In the ’90s, we came up here for a couple months. We just opened this [kiosk] up in the beginning of March, and we’ll stay here through the end of June, and then we’ll come back for Christmas. 

What are your favorite things to make?

Gordon: Dragons. Everybody likes dragons, it’s the year of the dragon. Dragons are very popular. 

Christine: Hummingbirds! 

Do you have a favorite memory from doing this work over the years?

Gordon: I think one of my favorite things is whenever people were on their first date, they would come and buy something at our booth and then 20 years later, they’re still coming back to see us and they’re bringing their kids. So, it’s fun to see that …  The one I don’t like is when somebody comes up and goes, I remember when I was this little, I used to watch you at the mall,’ and now they’re this big, and I’m just an old man. 

How do you spend your time outside of running your business?

Christine: I’m into gardening and yard work and feeding my birds. 

Gordon: When I’m not doing [lampwork] here, I’m home making more glass but different things, stuff I can’t make [at the mall]. And then helping her with the yard work. I love doing that. 

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