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Week of March 27, 2024: CDN photogs, Canadian Navy laughs and foreign assistance

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Your (March 24 “From the editor,” email newsletter) comments on the excellent work by the photographers, videographers and reporters at CDN are spot on.

In a follow up, CDN is deserving of praise for the many stories, photos and special sections of the students who are participating in local sports.

Such excellent positive enforcement isn’t found in lesser publications.

Len Nelson
Des Moines

Bob Morton’s letter about Canadian Naval movements (CDN, March 20, 2024) gave me a good laugh. After being cooped up for a couple weeks with bronchitis, I appreciated the giggle, even if it did lead to another bout of coughing. Laughter’s the best medicine, right?

Thanks, Bob!

Rick Pannemann

We’re writing today to call attention to the Section 620I of the Foreign Assistance Act, which bans security assistance to any government that restricts U.S.-provided humanitarian aid, and this is exactly what is happening in Gaza right now. The U.S. currently provides billions in funding and lethal military equipment to Israel and has done so for years.

Food production capacity in Gaza has been destroyed by military strikes. Recent U.S.-provided aid shipments to help civilians in Gaza have been slowed or halted on multiple occasions and for long periods. The Biden Administration must face reality and the law, and halt security assistance to Israel.

Amnesty International USA has joined 25 NGOs in a letter saying just that. The letter emphasizes — and the Biden Administration itself has acknowledged — that the Israeli government is restricting the delivery of aid. By airdropping and planning to build piers on Gaza’s shores, the Administration has clearly had to take extraordinary measures to get food to hungry Gazans, although they cannot hide behind airdrops and efforts to create the illusion that they are doing enough to support the need for Gazans.

Some members of Congress have already shown their support for applying the law (620I) to assistance to Israel, through letters or floor statements. We’re urging our members of Congress to join them.

Members of AIUSA Bellingham Local Group 270: Colleen Curtis, Amy Mower, Bruce Radke, Diane Paul, James Loucky, Shirley Osterhaus, Barbara Rofkar, Susan Witter, Martina Boyd, Dianne and Vince Foster, David Gordon, Jan Dietzgen, Michael Jacobsen and Ross Marquardt

For many years, I would walk every day to Tony’s Coffee shop from my home.

It was always being there and right next door was Harris Avenue Cafe. I do remember when it was Fairhaven Flour Mill many years ago.

Tony’s and Harris Cafe always bring old memories of many customers and friends meeting there to talk to, and eating breakfast and lunch. It was a happy place to hang out with people you love there.
It had tall black ceilings. They always have art shows and paintings hanging on their walls.

Tony’s was a good place to walk to in Fairhaven. I could always get the same good coffee.

Tony’s was really old. It was there and open since 1971, when I was being born.

It is sad now. Most people from there, you don’t see anymore.

Tony’s place was more like a hub.

Beth Margolis

We applaud the National Park Service and the U.S. Fish and the  Wildlife Service for deciding to actively restore grizzly bears to North Cascades. (CDN, March 21, 2024). As a keystone species, grizzly bears play an important role in the ecology of their habitat, and we are excited for their pending return to an ecosystem where they have long been absent.

John Rosapepe
Endangered Species Coalition, Pacific Northwest Representative

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