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Whatcom County Council suspends remote public comment

Council revising public comment rules following hate speech incidents

By Charlotte Alden General Assignment/Enterprise Reporter

Whatcom County Council has followed the Bellingham City Council in restricting remote public comment until further notice after incidents of hate speech at previous council meetings.

According to the county council agenda for Tuesday, Feb. 20, the council is not offering remote public comment at the Tuesday meeting as they review “public comment rules and procedures.”

County council will still offer public comment in person, through email and by phone. People with disabilities may be able to still provide comment remotely, but they must contact the council office by noon on the meeting day to register.

Bellingham City Council suspended public comment over Zoom starting Monday, Feb. 12 after a Feb. 6 Whatcom County Council meeting where people speaking remotely during open session used antisemitic tropes and racial and homophobic slurs.

Charlotte Alden is CDN’s general assignment/enterprise reporter; reach her at; 360-922-3090 ext. 123.

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