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Who has filed for Skagit County offices in 2023

City, school board, hospital district seats up for election

A person unravelling a roll of stickers colored in red, white, and blue labeled 'I voted today'.
Voters have many more choices in the 2023 primary election, compared to eight years ago. Political observers say national trends and local crises have motivated people to run for office. (Andy Bronson/Cascadia Daily News)
By CDN Staff

Here are the candidates who have filed to appear on the ballot in some of this year’s bigger-ticket races in Skagit County. For a complete list, visit the county candidates webpage

All races are nonpartisan. Incumbents are noted with “(I).”

Mount Vernon mayor

Peter Donovan

Mount Vernon City Council

Ward 1

Navor Tercero

Lucy Madrigal

Ward 2

Andrew Vander Stoep

Mark Hulst (I)

Ward 3

Mary Hudson (I)

Anacortes City Council

Position 1

Ryan Walters (I)

Position 2

Christine Cleland-McGrath (I)

Position 3

Linda Martin

TJ Fantini

Jeremy Carter (I)

Sedro-Woolley mayor

JoEllen Kesti

Julia Johnson (I)

Sedro-Woolley City Council

Ward 1

Judith Dunn

Kevin Loy

Ward 4

Allan Henderson

Kevin Riley

Ward 5

Paul Cocke

Ed Iriarte

Burlington mayor

Steve Sexton (I)

Joe DeGloria

Burlington City Council

Ward 1

Scott K. Green (I)

Anthony Perales

Ward 2

Keith Chaplin (I)

Ward 3

Joseph A. Lewis

Elizabeth Turman-Bryant

Concrete mayor

Marla Reed (I)

Concrete Town Council

Position 1

Rob Thomas (I)

Position 2

Casey Jo Manke (I)

Position 4

Stephanie Semro (I)

Hamilton mayor

Mandy Bates (I)

Hamilton Town Council

Position 1

Timothy Morrison (I)

Jay Lindstrom

Position 2

Michael Ulrich (I)

Position 3

Andrea L Adams (I)

Position 4

Karin Vail (I)

La Conner mayor

Marna Hanneman

La Conner Town Council

Position 1

Annie Taylor (I)

Position 5

Mary Wohleb (I)

Lyman mayor

Edward E Hills (I)

Lyman Town Council

Position 3

Mike Swanson (I)

Position 5

Ronny Hodgin (I)

Mount Vernon School Board

District 1

Dave Cherrick

Laura Flores Cailloux (I)

District 2

Marissa Guerrero (I)

District 3

Griffin Uchida (I)

Anacortes School Board

Position 3

Jack Curtis (I)

Position 4

Jennie Beltramini (I)

Position 5

Edward J. Barton

Darene Follett

Heather J Brennan

Alexis Gentry

Sedro-Woolley School Board

District 2

Lindy Mullen Doyle

Christina Jepperson (I)

Mina Kua

District 3

Dani Baird Russell (I)

Hannah Oliver

Tové Schweizer

Burlington-Edison School Board

District 1

Elli Haddick

District 3

Holly Nielsen (I)

District 4

Rich Wesen (I)

Celia Ponce Sanchez

District 5

Shayna Campbell

Concrete School Board

District 1

Jessie Mattingly (I)

District 2

Michael Brondi (I)

District 5, At-Large

Laura Schmidt (I)

Conway School Board

Position 1

Michelle Cowan (I)

Position 4

Kristin Hayton (I)

Position 5

Nathan Wolfe (I)

Darrington School Board

District 1

Jennie Requa (I)

District 2

Marree Perrault (I)

District 3

Maggie Weimer

La Conner School Board

District 1

Alana Quintasket

District 2

John Agen

Janie Beasley

District 4

Kim Pedroza (I)

Hospital District 1 (Skagit Regional Health)

Position 3

Monira Vakil

Nathaniel Block

Position 5

Gary Shand (I)

Hospital District 2 (Island Health)

Position 1

Jan Iversen (I)

Hospital District 304 (United General)

Position 2

Ashley Gregorius

Eric Lodjic

Debra Lancaster

Position 4

Jeri Kaufman (I)

Port of Anacortes commissioner

District 3

Shawn Ottenbreit (I)

District 4

Bonnie W. Bowers (I)

Corey Joyce

Port of Skagit County commissioner

District 2

Steven Omdal (I)

This story was updated at 9:20 a.m. on May 23, to mark candidates who had withdrawn their names from the ballot with a strikethrough.

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