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The Hammer, Vol. LIV

A smokin' hot idea, that steam pipe

By Ron Judd Executive Editor

Bham: Home of the (Iconic) Pipe Dream: From an office right nearby comes word that Rep. Alex Ramel, D-Steam, and the folks at the Port of Bellingham are experiencing joint delusions about a steam heat pipe connecting the Encogen plant fueling the planned heat system down at the Alleged Waterfront Development with existing steam pipes up at Western, possibly allowing the heating of the entire campus with warmth above and beyond that created by executive sessions of the Faculty Senate.

Um: What could possibly stand in the way? Maybe every last soul who lives and owns property in residential neighborhoods between Point A and Point B? Just for starters. But like everyone else involved, we’re optimistic!

One Small Request: When the drilling or ditch-digging (choose your poison) commences, can we get towers installed for the long-ago abandoned, semi-brilliant idea of stringing a gondola between the waterfront and Western? Imagine the thrills during small-craft warnings. 

One Small Q: About that “district heating system” at the port waterfront project: Sezhere the project could heat “half of Bellingham.” You know what that means: All you folks in the north half are on your own. 

OK, One More: Looking medium/long term at that port project, how much heat does it really take to warm up a half-dozen shipping containers? 

About That Bridge: Last week, B. Hammer asked for some names for the officially unnamed bridge over the Skagit River in Mount Vernon (the Division Street one). So far, only prolifletter writer Bob Morton has chimed in (see below on print page, or our letters section online). We’re not saying that any of Bob’s tongue-firmly-in-cheek names might stick, but stranger things have happened, so … have at it, folks. 

The Hammer is swung in print on Wednesdays and online Thursdays, or when pressure must be bled off. 

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