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What’s the Deal With: SeeClickFix?

Automated reporting service brings convenience to city bureaucracy

Graffiti is just one problem that can be remedied through SeeClickFix
Graffiti is just one problem that can be remedied through SeeClickFix
By David Nuñez News Intern

Wondering how to navigate city bureaucracy to report graffiti, potholes, flooding, code violations or other vexing problems? Bellingham has a (little-known) app for that, the SeeClickFix application or web portal.   

The city pays up to $20,000 annually for the service, which allows residents to report pinpointed repair requests by sending pictures and location-sharing through the mobile app or website.

After a request has been sent, the SeeClickFix system makes a service request that is manually reviewed by Bellingham Public Works Department for assessment. If the damage is substantial enough and falls under the city’s jurisdiction, a work order is created. Every step of the process is communicated to the resident who made the request. 

The average time for a request to be completed is 14 days. Higher-risk requests such as utility leaks and sewer issues get higher priority and are commonly completed the same day. 

Requests can also be made in person through the public works department.

The city has not experienced major technical difficulties since the launch of SeeClickFix in 2021 and even uses the service internally for radio, fleet and facilities maintenance requests. Bellingham residents can use the service until 2024, the year the contract is set to expire. The city has not announced if it plans to renew or extend the contract. 

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