Letters to the Editor, Week of Jan. 11, 2023

January 11, 2023 at 5:00 a.m.

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your balanced coverage of the Hundred Acre Wood situation. I am writing to counter claims by Christopher Grannis in the Dec. 21 Letters to the Editor that leave me feeling like he is trying to mislead the public. I reside in the taxing district and have followed this matter closely. 

1. The park district was created to provide both recreation (walking, biking, dog walking) as well as ecological protection (preventing deforestation and development). The conservation easement and ballot measure clearly state this.

2. The city went through a rigorous public process to develop a master plan that follows every requirement of the conservation easement, including ecological protections. Sensitive areas and wetlands would have additional protections.

3. Grannis states, "The job of the district is not finished until a legal-based conservation easement is in place that prioritizes preservation." A conservation easement that balances preservation with recreation already exists. We are now waiting for the park district board to transfer it to the Whatcom Land Trust so the district can dissolve and stop taxing residents. The district has done its job of paying back the loan; the city has done its job of creating a park master plan; the district now needs to turn over the conservation easement and dissolve. The board can’t rewrite that easement.

Grannis, along with the district board, seem to think that this property within the city limits should be treated as a nature preserve where recreation is banned — in opposition to the ballot measure, the conservation easement and the city's master plan. The board has stated that it is ready to use its $300,000 in excess tax funds as a legal defense fund against the city, to further this personal agenda. What a waste of our taxpayer dollars.

Sonja Max


Stop the Sudden Valley hate!

I am new to the area and live in Sudden Valley. For whatever reason, it is a favorite pastime of Bellingham residents to judge people that live in Sudden Valley. From the time I started looking for a home in the area when several real estate agents were reluctant to show me a home, it has continued. I bought there due to affordability, the views, walking trails — and I really like it.

I get it: One road, dark, the “long” 12-minute drive. Please stop treating me differently, giving me sneers and charging significantly more for services just because I live in Sudden Valley. This typically wouldn’t be socially acceptable, but for some reason, it is in Bellingham. The change could start with a small section in the Cascadia Daily News with weekly updates for the 3,000-plus people that live in the community. Possibly this could be included with other Bellingham neighborhoods.

Ron Knott
Lake Louise Condo HOA Board President



A hearty welcome back to Alan Rhodes.

Tell him he was missed.

I still get the CDN even though we left the West Coast.

Best regards for a successful 2023, enjoy your newspaper.

Alex Husick
Toronto, Ontario

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