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Faye Croixa: Manager at The Birch Door Cafe

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April 14, 2023 at 5:00 a.m.
Faye Croixa stands outside of the Birch Door Cafe, where they have worked since the restaurant opened in 2017.
Faye Croixa stands outside of the Birch Door Cafe, where they have worked since the restaurant opened in 2017. (Hailey Hoffman/Cascadia Daily News)

Staff Reporter

Faye Croixa

Age: 26

City: Bellingham 

Lived here for: 7 years

Originally from: Arlington

Notable: Front of house manager and server at The Birch Door Cafe; employee since the restaurant opened in 2017

What brought you to Bellingham?

I came up here for school. Originally, I went to Western for three years and dropped out — the best decision I ever made.

What do you like about working at The Birch Door? 

This is such a special place. For me, it really, really feels like a second home. I just feel so comfortable and very safe here. Last summer, I got gender-affirming top surgery, and my bosses were just the absolute most supportive [and] worked with my schedule. They made sure that I was going to be OK, financially, taking so much time off. All of my co-workers were incredibly supportive. This place is just really, really special, and the people that work here are the ones that make it like that. As a trans person, I think that means a lot — to feel so safe and supported within the work environment. I've never had any fear of just being fully myself here, and my bosses have a lot to do with that. My co-workers have a lot to do with that.

What do you enjoy about food service? 

I feel the answer that most people give is 'the people,' which is a nice part of it. But, I really like how straightforward the job is. I come here. I give people food. I manage my staff. That's pretty much it. It's just simple, but every day is just different enough that I don't know what I'm getting myself into. 

The Birch Door attracts people from all over Whatcom County. What's it like interacting with such a wide range of customers? 

It's really fun. It reminds me a lot of how big the world is. It's so cliche, but out of the tables that I might be serving at a time, I could have a family with a couple of small children, and then a very, very old couple that's been together for like 45 years, and some college kids. You just have the opportunity to talk to so many different types of people every day. 

What is an ideal day off for you?

It feels wrong to mention another breakfast restaurant, but I'm a regular at Old Town Cafe. I go there at least once a week, and I get the same thing every time. All the servers know who I am, what I want. So, my ideal day starts with that, and then I usually like going to Penny Lane or Value Village and just like walking around looking at stuff or sitting outside in the sun. I'm a pretty boring — but with a positive connotation — type of person. I live a very simple life. I love to just kind of like sit around and read, listen to music. So, I don't do a whole lot, but it's a nice balance from here. 

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