The Hammer

The Hammer, Election Extra! Edition

What do we have to do to be maligned by the conspiracy folks?
November 16, 2022 at 5:00 a.m.

Executive Editor

Taking Stock, Part I: It’s one of those days when we’re sitting here on State Street wondering what conscientious journalists everywhere wonder at some point in time, namely: What do we have to do to join the ranks of folks listed as part of the Interglobal vote-fixing conspiracy on the elections blog of the Skagit County Republican Party? (Look for it in the Fiction Section of the Internet). We’ll keep trying. 

Overheard in the Newsroom: Simon Sefzik, conceding election to Sharon Shewmake, when asked on the phone what’s next for him: “Unemployment?” Humor under pressure is an admirable trait.

Overheard at Bob Woodward Public Q/A on Saturday: “Mr. Bernstein, can you tell us ...”

Overheard after Public Bob Woodward Q/A on Saturday: Hammer: “Do you get that a lot?” Woodward: “Yes.”

Best Woodward Quote Recall: “The sonofabitch pardoned the sonofabitch!” (Carl Bernstein on phone, awaking Woodward the morning Gerald Ford pardoned Richard M. Nixon.)

Most Frightening Sly-Grin Woodward Quote: “Maybe President Biden will pardon Trump.”

AHEM: He was kidding. We think. Or else he knows something. What if he knows something? He always knows something. Oh, God.

If It Was Up To Us: We’d have Woodward back to talk politics every Saturday night at the MBT. Alas ... 

Also Overheard in the Newsroom: Does Bellingham have a (seasonally appropriate; we don't want our hats and gloves to end up in Ferndale) rooftop bar? If so, where is it?

Word Is: Mount Baker is opening up on Friday. Thanks be to the freezing-point gods. The NW corner doesn't realize how fortunate it is to not have to deal with a megacorp tourism conglomerate to put on the boards and ride.

Taking Stock, Part II: We already said this on the anti-social media channels, but will say it again here, for paying customers, with the same heartfelt motive: Thanks to all our local election workers, county auditor employees and people responsible for conducting another free, transparent and fair election. Critical work by critical workers.

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