The Hammer

The Hammer, Vol. XVII

Subscriber unexclusive: Hammer subject of possible schmear campaign
May 11, 2022 at 5:45 a.m.

Executive Editor

At the Risk of Launching a Schmear Campaign: We've been told by reliable sources (namely our own Audra Anderson, and a menu) that the new Otherside Bagel Co. (see page C1) sports a breakfast sandwich called “Hammer.”

Look, We're Down With That: Rather than screech about copyright infringement (don't even get us started about the legal sharks at Stanley Company and Craftsman), The Hammer will confess to being flattered at being associated with a solid ham, egg and Swiss breakfast entree.

Since Everyone is Way Ahead of Us Here: Goes without saying that it comes with an ample dollop of snark — served on the side.

Flushed With Excitement: The big anaerobic digesters to be installed at the Post Point Wastewater Facility are going to cost 'Hamsters big time, the city revealed this week. As in: What was a pleasant little $50 a month COB Tidy Bowl Tithe could be $250 a month by the time its all done. To which The Hammer for now can only say: Ahem.

Fact One About that Big New Galbraith Parking Lot: Some people who saw the image of the lot made by our drone, Pica, raced onto antisocial media to decry its size and scope for being unBellingham and out of scale.

Fact Two About Same: 95 percent of the same folks will be parked in it come Sunday morning. 

Just Don't Call Them a Jet City Operation: The Boeing Company, formerly reputable, formerly of Seattle, now formerly of Chicago, announced last week that it is cutting to the chase and moving its entire corporate defense-industry bootlicker brigade to basement spaces in offices of lobbyists on K Street in the Lesser Washington.

Sad, But Not Surprising: It's been evident to folks around Puget Sound for many years that Boeing, proud suppliers of the 787 Dreamsmoker and a broad range of other Not Ready for Prime Flying Time aeronautical products, would eventually just cut to the chase and do what it did with FAA regulators during the 737 Max buildup — just move the entire operation in-house.

Because When One Thinks About It: It's much easier to keep tabs on one's tabs that way. And let's face it, Boeing has big tabs —  and we're not talking leading edges here. 

And Finally: Local hometown-ish carrier Alaska Airlines was described by a customer quoted in The Seattle Times as being in “meltdown” this week, with a continued plague of flight cancellations and now a possible pilot's strike. A customer was told he could work it out on the phone with a customer-disservice rep if he was willing to abide by a wait time of — wait for it — keep waiting for it — “5 to 7 hours.”

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