Letters to the Editor, Week of March 2, 2022

March 2, 2022 at 5:05 a.m.


When people are critical of our elected officials just think of what is happening during this past week in Ukraine. Politics, elections, COVID, masks, school curriculum, housing, homelessness, crime, etc. are our national and local issues and worries.

The Ukrainians have shown the world what patriotism means as they risk their lives for their country. Perhaps all of us can put our negative opinions on the shelf and endeavor to be positive and pleasant even when we disagree. It is a small ask in these troubled times.

Scott Thompson

Puyallup, formerly of Bellingham


It doesn’t matter in the here and now who caused this latest “war” in Ukraine or how long it has taken to reach this situation.

Those who have already died or will in the foreseeable future do not give a damn about why. They won’t be alive to debate the geopolitical or any other aspects.

Those who survive, physically or psychologically maimed or not, will be manipulated by the psychopaths who tend to aspire to national or international power. Assuming this doesn’t end in (near) nuclear annihilation, the remaining masses might, might finally wake up and give a collective middle finger to the warmongers and power-obsessed.

“Humanity” may very well be in its final stages because of stupidity and complacency. Yes, people just want to live their lives; but, doing so without considering others is pathological narcissism.

The climate emergency and war are totally our responsibility. Either way, it appears we are bound and determined to not only foul our own nest, but to destroy it.

Dana Briggs



Why isn’t Cascadia Daily News covering the questionable nature of PeaceHealth’s Direct Contracting Entity (DCE), a vital issue that directly affects a large number of Whatcom County/Bellingham residents? After all, it’s more important to most of us than what Sue Bird finally decides to do (“Sue Bird says 'all signs' point to '22 being her last season”).

In Scott Foster’s letter in the week of February 17, he implied that PeaceHealth’s DCE isn’t a profit-making entity when he said that PeaceHealth isn’t a profit-making entity: “As a nonprofit, however, PeaceHealth’s foremost obligation is to the patients and communities we have served for more than 130 years. Since we don’t make profits…”

Abe Jacobson, however, in his letter in the week of February 23, noticed the lie:

“But what about the new caregiving vehicle, whose official name is 'PeaceHealth Direct Contracting Entity' (PHDCE)? According to its incorporation documents, the PHDCE is a for-profit Washington Limited Liability Company. Dr. Foster's statement elides that key detail.”

I investigated my own status vis-a-vis DCE and was told that I have, in fact, been “aligned” with PHDCE — without my consent. Now, will I have to pay my high Medicare premiums together with the high co-pay that PHDCE may or may not decide to charge? Will I be told which doctor I can consult? 

John Holstein


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