The Hammer

The Hammer, Vol. XXIV

Thoughts, prayers and 'taking it to the house'
June 29, 2022 at 5:45 a.m.

Executive Editor

Thoughts, Prayers and 'Taking it to the House': Somewhat disturbing to see the Supreme Court ruling on prayer on the football field. Personal aside: The coach of The Hammer’s own (perennial-losing) high school football team used to regularly pray — for our safety — but under his breath, never on the 50-yard line.

Goes Without Saying: And thank the gods for that.

Not That It Was Always Effective: The Hammer has a foggy memory of getting hit by four sweaty dudes on a brick-hard field at Coupeville High School many moons ago, crashing backward and feeling his head smack the ground, then standing up to see bright flashes of Friday night lights. Probably concussed, he immediately went home and began writing an items column under an assumed identity. The rest is history.

At the Risk of Plugging Local Cybersecurity Training Programs: You know it’s all gone to pot when people start hacking the local library system’s computers. Expect many embarrassing doxxing incidents with people’s overdue book lists used for extortion purposes.

Speaking of Cybersecurity: If you’re a kid seeing a guaranteed financial future today is there any safer career choice? Besides ex-counsel to the disgraced former president, that is. 

Has Anyone Else Noticed: That the proposed expansion of the Lighthouse Mission’s shelter has provided the perfect magnifying glass for underlying attitudes about that issue in Bellingham? 

Frankly: Not sure whether that’s good or bad. But sometimes the devil lies within the testimony to the Hearing Examiner. Not to mention Letters to the Editor (see above).

Arf, Arf, (B)arf: A message from local dogs to fireworks aficionados: “Seriously?”

Left-Leaning Friend Asks on Anti-Social Media: "Is it OK to have just a tiny crush on Liz Cheney?"

Answer: Um, No. 

Shocking News: About 7,000 'Hamsters lost power on Monday afternoon when Puget Sound Energy's juice went dead. Official cause: "bird or animal." Rest in peace, bird or animal. Whatever you were and however you got there, you'll be missed.

And Finally, on the Bright Side: Few of the sun-worshippers noticed on Sunday when a small flotilla of kayaks came ashore at Boulevard Park (motto: "Where Small Flotillas of Kayaks Regularly Come Ashore"). But when an announcement was made that the procession was part of an organized Pride Paddle, many people cheered. 

The Hammer is swung on Wednesdays and updated as needed.

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