How do I subscribe to Cascadia Daily News?
Visit our Subscriptions page for pricing. For subscription questions and customer care, please contact Subscriber Support at, or call 360-922-3090, option 1. Subscriber Support Hours: Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Do you have an email newsletter?
Yes, we offer daily, weekly and breaking news email newsletters — learn more and sign up here.

Where can I find the print paper?
Our weekly print edition rolls off the press late Thursday night and hits the streets — and the mail system — on Friday mornings. The easiest way to guarantee delivery is to subscribe at; a weekly paper will be sent to you via U.S. mail as part of your subscription. You can buy a single copy of the newspaper for $2.00. View a map of locations where you can buy a single copy in Whatcom County, Skagit County and Island County.

What is Cascadia Daily News and what is its history?
Cascadia Daily News, a daily digital and weekly print newspaper based in Bellingham, Washington, was launched on Jan. 24, 2022, and published its first weekly print issue on March 2, 2022.

How can I learn more about the newspaper?
Announcements about the newspaper will be shared on our social media feeds (see next item). Meet the news staff on our About page. Check out media coverage to learn more.

How can I follow Cascadia Daily News on social media?
Our work and other announcements from our staff will be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Individual reporters and editors also engage on social media at addresses listed with their personal profiles on our About page.

Where are the offices of Cascadia Daily News located?
The newsroom is on State Street in downtown Bellingham.

Who sets the editorial direction and make news judgments for Cascadia Daily News?
All content and editorial decisions are made by the executive editor and news staff in Bellingham. The newsroom operates independently from the newspaper’s business side, reporting without pressure from ownership, advisory boards, or donors.

I want to reprint a CDN article in my organization’s website/newsletter. Is this allowed?
We appreciate interest in reprinting articles in publications that serve a public interest, and consider requests on a case-by-case basis. When granted, a link to our news site is appreciated upon publication. Please send an email to with the subject line, “Reprint request” and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I want to use one of CDN's photos and republish either in print or online. How do I go about getting permission?
Our photos and graphics are copyrighted and we reserve all rights to enforce that copyright, so please don’t use our photos without permission. However, we sometimes grant permissions for such use if it’s for a non-commercial interest, private use, or public benefit. If permission is granted to use a published CDN image, the photographer/artist and CDN must be credited. Please send an email to with subject line, “Photo permission request,” and we will get back to you.

Can I buy a print of a CDN photo for my own use?
Yes, email to purchase a digital copy of CDN photos for $25 each. We do not distribute or sell non-published images.

What do I do if my mailed paper fails to arrive?
The U.S. Postal Service usually delivers our papers to readers within a couple days, but sometimes they take a bit longer, and we can’t control that. But if you don’t get a paper in a reasonable time, please contact us at and we will make certain that you get one as soon as possible. You can also call our business office at 360-922-3090 (Press 1) and speak to a representative or leave a message.

How can I make a comment about your website or print paper?
Send an email to our general inbox,, or call or text 360-922-3092.

Does the newspaper have a written mission statement and/or ethics guidelines?
Yes, please read our Commitment to Our Community. To request a copy of full staff ethical guidelines, contact the executive editor.

How do I submit an obituary?
We have partnered with Legacy to provide print and digital obituaries.Click this link to submit a paid obituary. Obituaries must be submitted a week before publication. The newspaper is published on Fridays. CDN obituaries include:
  • 200 words
  • 1 photo
  • Publication in one print newspaper edition
  • A permanent Cascadia Daily News Legacy obituary link to share with family, friends, and your community.

How do I submit a Classified ad?
To submit a Classified ad, please email, or call 360-922-3092, option 3. Classifieds must be submitted a week before publication. The newspaper is published on Fridays.

Does your newspaper sell print advertising?
Yes. For ad-sales information, contact

Does the newspaper’s financial success rely on “click” counts that influence the form and function of other media platforms?
No. The newspaper’s business model is based on digital and print subscriptions and advertising.

Is all of the content on paywalled?
Most if it. Independent journalism is expensive to produce, and subscriptions to CDN pay the salaries and reporting expenses of local staff journalists and contributors. We make exceptions for subject matter of immediate public interest, such as breaking news about natural or manmade emergencies; or long-term public interest, such as special reports that might have historical significance or prove useful to researchers. In the latter case, certain content is presented first to subscribers, then released for consumption later, as a public service of CDN.

How do we submit a story idea or contact the newsroom?
Send us a note at, or text or leave a voice message at 360-922-3092. To contact individual reporters, see the staff directory on our Contact page.

Does Cascadia Daily News welcome letters to the editor and commentaries from people with a broad range of political viewpoints?
Absolutely. The newspaper contains opinion pieces by the editorial staff, as well as guest commentaries and letters that meet standards related to civility, libel and other considerations. Visit our Submissions page for letter and commentary guidelines.

Who is behind the publication? Are the owners local?
The Cascadia Newspaper Company, which owns Cascadia Daily News after previously publishing, for 15 years, Cascadia Weekly, is solely owned by David Syre, a fourth-generation Whatcom County resident who has contributed to and invested in the community for decades.

Who is David Syre?
David Syre has a long history of investing in Whatcom County. Through his company, Trillium Corporation, he developed Bellis Fair Mall, the Semiahmoo Resort and surrounding residential community, and the Cordata business district.

Over the years, Syre has donated millions to promote arts and education in Whatcom County, including leadership grants to Mount Baker Theatre, Whatcom Museum, Western Washington University, Pickford Film Center and the Bellingham Bay Foundation. Syre also has made significant gifts of land and funds for the growth of Whatcom Community College, which named the Syre Student Center and Syre Auditorium in his honor.

David is also a renowned artist who creates large-scale paintings, drawings and sculptures.

Who is the executive editor of the new publication?
Longtime Bellingham resident and former Seattle Times journalist Ron C. Judd is the newspaper’s executive editor. See his bio on our About page.

How can I apply for a job at Cascadia Daily News?
Jobs and freelance opportunities will be posted on our Jobs page as they become available.

Will there be opportunities for contributing writers?
Cascadia Daily News seeks freelance reporters to write about business, health, sports and general news, as well as regular contributors to cover news topics in Skagit County and the San Juan Islands. Send resume, work examples and a letter of interest to with subject line, “Contributor.”

Does the Cascadia Daily News hire interns?
Yes! We embrace the introduction of journalism’s next generation as one of our core missions. Undergraduate or recently graduated students can work on our news staff or in the business office via paid internships on a quarterly basis. For application information, see our Jobs page.

Why did Whatcom County need a new newspaper?
The publication’s owners, editors and staff believe robust local news coverage that serves as a watchdog over civic institutions and provides a common basis of fact and opinion for the community is critical to the maintenance of democracy. The region’s most-prominent legacy news organization is owned by a hedge-fund media chain, which in many ways has abrogated its traditional role as a local newspaper of record.

Cascadia Daily News staff members are full-time journalists who live and work in Whatcom County. Our business and editorial decisions are made on State Street, not Wall Street.

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