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From London and back: WWU men’s basketball transfer competes for home nation

Louis Grante-Halliday returning from Macedonia, will soon join Vikings in Bellingham

Louis Grante-Halliday looks for an opening as a defender in bright orange blocks his path.
Louis Grante-Halliday, right, who is originally from South London, England, will join the Western Washington University men's basketball team for the 2023–24 season after transferring from Seattle University. Grante-Halliday had the chance to play for his home nation, Great Britain, in the FIBA U20 European Championship Division B July 7–16. (Photo courtesy of Louis Grante-Halliday)
By Andrew Foster News Intern
When Louis Grante-Halliday was 16 years old, he and his parents made the decision for him to move fr
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